New Phishing Attack at the U of S

The U of S is no stranger to phishing attacks and experienced another very simple, but effective attack on Sunday, March 2, 2014.
The attack was carried out via e-mails that were sent to a targeted group of recipients urging them to click on a link to point to a reasonable facsimile of our PAWS login page.

The mimicking website – hosted in Australia – has now been blocked as well as all e-mails which originated from a university in Germany.

An example of the e-mail subjects were:
Blackboard Learn course-415
Appilication Set Up – Must Read
(Notice that Application is spelled incorrectly. Common in spam.)

If anyone at the U of S did receive an email such as the ones listed above and inadvertently clicked on the link and entered their NSID and password, they need to contact the ICT Help Desk ASAP to have their password reset.

As a reminder, phishing is a serious cyber-crime that is becoming more and more sophisticated at the U of S. Targeted individuals are contacted via email by someone posing as a legitimate institution. The emails may contain links to fake institution websites whose look and feel is identical to the legitimate one. This is all done in an effort to cheat users into providing sensitive information such as banking and credit card deals as well as passwords. This personal information is then used to access individual and institutional information.

We take all fraudulent messages and phishing attempts very seriously. Whenever suspicious messages are reported, we take immediate measures to investigate and respond.

If you believe you were targeted by this phishing attack, please contact the ICT Help Desk immediately at 306-966-4817.