MITS – Personalize your IT services

My IT Services (MITS) is a nifty web application that enables you to personalize your IT information such as: your password, U of S email account and clicker.

Password Options

Change your NSID password every 6 – 12 months to help keep it secure as hackers can guess or decipher your password and access your account.

Synchronizing your NSID password may be necessary when you have been granted access to a new service that uses the NSID username and password. Before you can use the service you may need to synchronize your password.

Reset your lost NSID password by providing your mobile number, an alternate email address or creating secret questions and answers.

  1. Login to MITS
  2. Select one of the following options:
    1. Change your password
    2. Synchronize your password
    3. Create password recovery options
  3. Follow prompts to change, synchronize or create recovery options for your password

MITS pass

Email Options

Review your email summary to check your quota and space usage as well as the distribution of your email messages.

Set email forwarding to forward emails to another email address that you check more frequently.

Email aliases can be created to allow you to personalize your email address by creating an easier-to-remember address (such as your first and last name).

Manage your auto-reply messages for when you are out-of-office.

  1. Login to MITS
  2. Select one of the following options:
    1. Review your email summary
    2. Set email forwarding
    3. Create email aliases
    4. Manage your auto-reply
  3. Follow prompts to better utilize your email


Additional Options

Check your quotas for file storage, homepage and other services.

Manage your clicker for your in-class activities by initially registering the device.

Manage your Yubikey for your secure access to services.

  1. Login to MITS
  2. Select one of the following options:
    1. Check your quotas
    2. Manage your clicker
    3. Manage your Yubikey
  3. Follow prompts to make use of these options