Did you know that you have three options for retrieving your NSID password if you forget it?

Sometimes passwords – with their use of symbols, mixed cases, and numbers –  can seem less like a security measure and more like torture when it comes to remembering and keeping them all straight.

Good news is, you can store three types of information that make it easy to reset your password should you forget it:

  • An alternative (non U of S) email address
  • A set of secret questions
  • A mobile number

Be prepared in case you forget your NSID password by logging into PAWS and updating your password reset and notification information.

1)      Login to PAWS
2)      Click on your name at the top right of your homepage
3)      In the drop-down list select ‘password’
4)      You will be redirected to MITS (My Information Technology Services)
5)      Select ‘recovery options’ in the navigation menu on the left side of the page
6)      Here you can set your recovery options by using your personal information

If you ever forget your NSID password, click the ‘forgot your password?’ link on the PAWS login page.

With stored reset information, getting back into PAWS won’t be a hassle.
For assistance with anything PAWS related, contact the ICT Help Desk 966-4817, help.desk@usask.ca