Colton Kidd

From etchings on stone tablets to digital copies, books have evolved drastically over time. While the future of the book is uncertain, past innovations regarding books can still be seen even today. As a kid I remember being fascinated by interactive books: things like pop-ups, pull-able tabs that moved the designs on the page, and even buttons that when pressed played music or sound effects. For the most part, these features are more commonly found in children’s books rather than novels or anthologies. Heretofore these constituents were praised at the time of their inauguration for their ingenuity and functionality that would shape future book designs. I will analyze the origins of the significant movable parts in books and their functions.

A Discovery and Playne Declaration of Sundry Subtill Practises of the Holy Inquisition of Spayne by Raimundo González de Montes (Retrieved from:

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