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Packaging and Presentation of Creepypastas

Jack Martel Creepypastas are an internet horror story originating on blog posts and internet chat forums. The first creepypastas were usually the forum equivalent of chain emails, where people would post what were essentially campfire stories in the middle of … Continue reading

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The Living Canvas — History of Tattooing Script

Katie Daku No longer only including sailors, bikers, and pirates, the tattooing industry has become more mainstream than ever with 40% of the population of North America having gotten ‘inked up’. Tattoos are widely done now for aesthetic purposes, but … Continue reading

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A Dying Art: Whatever Happened to Handwriting?

Ashleigh Holmes While writing a previous essay on the history and potential future of scripts, I raised the issue of no longer having standardized scripts and facing a world where digital technology makes handwriting less of a priority. The future … Continue reading

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Modern-day Scribes: The Role of Medical Transcriptionists in Healthcare

Julie Maseka In the fast paced and ever-changing field of healthcare a group of dedicated individuals are keeping the medieval tradition of scribes alive. These people are called medical transcriptionists and their role is to document important medical information from … Continue reading

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