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Parchment: Is the Process Worth the Product?

Morgan Giberson Like any writing surface, parchment offers numerous advantages and disadvantages. My first paper argues that the strenuous process involved in making parchment is worthwhile, because of its durability and sustainability. This is perhaps accurate for the time period … Continue reading

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The Price of On-Screen Reading Interfaces Versus Print Interfaces: Open Access Publishing

Chantal Normand Throughout my first paper, I discussed how during the last thirty years technological reading interfaces and devices such as computers, tablets, E-books, and desktop publishing have begun to slowly replace printed books, handwritten documents, magazines, and other print … Continue reading

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The Potential Pros and Cons of Stone Paper

Mykaela Mennie For my first essay of the year, I argued that stone was a medium that was basically obsolete, specifically when talking about inscriptions. No one uses stone to pass along messages anymore, and while the method of inscribing … Continue reading

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