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A Change in the Culture of Reading

Manmeet Sidhu Reading has a vast history. In the manuscript era, scribes copied manuscripts. So there were limited copies and not everybody knew how to read. Also, the reading materials were prized and difficult to afford for most of the … Continue reading

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What makes a book our own?

Cori Thorstad In the life of an English major the question “what is your favourite book?” comes up often. This question can be quite difficult to answer and inevitably leads to thinking about why, as readers, we become attached to … Continue reading

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History and Future of the Codex

Sydney Boucher The codex is the standard format for what many would consider to be a “book” in the 21st century (see figure 2). Before the codex, scrolls and rolls were primarily used for reading and writing in Europe (Yiu, … Continue reading

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Fonts: Futile or Functional? A Look at Font in Children’s Texts

Haley Serrano The small elements of the physical book format create a specific reading experience. The number of pages might influence whether or not we choose to pick up a book to read, the type of paper might affect our … Continue reading

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I Declare After All There Is No Enjoyment Like Reading: How A Moment of Supposed Weakness Got Me Off My Unnecessarily Pretentious Bookish High Horse

EuGrace Like a lot of other “bookish” people before me, my first reaction to somebody suggesting I listen to an audiobook instead of sticking with my conservative, age-old routine of just going page-by-page, line-by-line was complete, fresh, and undiluted denial. … Continue reading

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Audiobook Benefits to Adults with Busy Lives

Danielle Corriveau Have you ever wanted to read a novel but found that your hands were too busy to hold one? Audiobooks are a great way to help adults fix that dilemma. Not only does the reader not need their … Continue reading

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