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The Future of Printed Newspapers

Tasso Stamatinos One specific aspect of daily life that has been severely impacted from the increasing number of mobile apps is reading. Inventions such as Google Books, which initially launched in 2004, have provided people with a faster way to … Continue reading

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The Gutenberg Bible

The first printed Literary work on the Gutenberg Printing press. Shane Goldie Who is Gutenberg: Gutenberg was the Founder and inventor of the printing press, also known as the Gutenberg press. One of the first majorly known works printed and … Continue reading

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The Intimacy of Junk Mail

T. Fentiman We have all gotten junk mail before. Opening up your mailbox, with that glimmer of anticipation for that letter from grandma, the cheque you’ve been waiting for or the unexpected surprise card from uncle Carl. There is the … Continue reading

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Linguistic Stylization and Learning the Quran

Irteqa Khan It is evident that the world we inhabit today has swiftly become acquainted with Islam’s most central text, the Holy Quran, due to issues involving its translation, interpretation, and context. However, for Muslims the reality is that the … Continue reading

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