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Packaging and Presentation of Creepypastas

Jack Martel Creepypastas are an internet horror story originating on blog posts and internet chat forums. The first creepypastas were usually the forum equivalent of chain emails, where people would post what were essentially campfire stories in the middle of … Continue reading

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A Change in the Culture of Reading

Manmeet Sidhu Reading has a vast history. In the manuscript era, scribes copied manuscripts. So there were limited copies and not everybody knew how to read. Also, the reading materials were prized and difficult to afford for most of the … Continue reading

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Fair Use, Copyright, and Ethics

Liam Davies Questions about the ethics of publication and copyright have been discussed at length for centuries regarding printing and publication in general. There are two substantially ethical forms that a work can take on when using another author’s work … Continue reading

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What makes a book our own?

Cori Thorstad In the life of an English major the question “what is your favourite book?” comes up often. This question can be quite difficult to answer and inevitably leads to thinking about why, as readers, we become attached to … Continue reading

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Reading Between the Lines: How Texts Survive the Ages

Myna Aynslee How often does a reader pause to contemplate their chosen reading interface? How often does the writer lift their pen or let their hands linger just above the keyboard to consider their writing substrate? In failing to consider … Continue reading

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From Classic to Graphic: Making Literature More Accessible for Younger Audiences

Chelsea Hill As an avid reader, I have always had a peripheral interest in reading Anne Frank’s The Diary of a Young Girl. I’m not sure if this is because of the cultural and literary significance of Anne’s writing, my … Continue reading

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