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Milkshakes and Misogyny: The Male Gaze in the Archie Comics and Riverdale

Nakita Funk The Archie Comics have enjoyed an understated but pervasive popularity for many decades now. At the library where I work, there are always Archie comics needing to be shelved. I remember purchasing the comic in my early teens … Continue reading

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Have Books Gotten Shorter?

Teevin Fournier My bookshelves are my trophy cases displaying the worlds I have explored, the many pages I have turned. Over the course of the years, the basis on which I have chosen which books to read has varied. A … Continue reading

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Parchment: Is the Process Worth the Product?

Morgan Giberson Like any writing surface, parchment offers numerous advantages and disadvantages. My first paper argues that the strenuous process involved in making parchment is worthwhile, because of its durability and sustainability. This is perhaps accurate for the time period … Continue reading

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Orality in the 21st Century: What is it Good For?

Emma Wenc Absolutely, everything. Orality has shaped the way that we communicate, think, read, write, and educate in the 21st century. Historically, orality had the simple purpose of enabling individuals to “use their words” when in conversation. This simple use … Continue reading

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The Future of Printed Newspapers

Tasso Stamatinos One specific aspect of daily life that has been severely impacted from the increasing number of mobile apps is reading. Inventions such as Google Books, which initially launched in 2004, have provided people with a faster way to … Continue reading

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The Gutenberg Bible

The first printed Literary work on the Gutenberg Printing press. Shane Goldie Who is Gutenberg: Gutenberg was the Founder and inventor of the printing press, also known as the Gutenberg press. One of the first majorly known works printed and … Continue reading

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