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Buddy Wakefield’s Gentleman Practice: Page Poetry vs. Stage Poetry

Caragana Ennis Gentleman Practice is a book of poetry by spoken word poet Buddy Wakefield. Spoken word is a form of poetry that is meant to be performed instead of read, although some artists also publish written forms of their … Continue reading

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The Myths of Using Screen Interfaces

Tanner Bayne In my January 2017 article “Screen Saver: A Defense of Reading on Screen Supports,” I attempt to dispel some of the illusions surrounding screen support reading, specifically those illusions that attest that reading on screens is empirically “worse” … Continue reading

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Paper and its Advantages as a Reading Support Compared to Screens

Amanda Thompson Paper as a reading support has been used for thousands of years originating in China before 100 BC (Yin Liu). Along with the writing supports of stone, clay, wood, parchment, papyrus, the relatively new invention of screens and … Continue reading

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White People Almost Kissing: Racism and Romance Novels

Jordana Lalonde After working at the public library for four years, you start to notice some glaring similarities between the book covers of a certain genre. Mystery novels are instantly recognizable by a shadowy figure of a man in front … Continue reading

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Introducing the Medieval Codex

Nimra Sheikh The word “codex” (pl. “codices”) comes from the Latin “caudex” or tree trunk. The codex united several texts in something recognizable as a modern book. Codices were typically covered, made of parchment, and contained pages (or folia) or … Continue reading

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