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Confounding Comic Copyright

Jamie Maclean Copyright has not been kind to comic creators, nor has the publishing that goes along with it. While today it is easy to register a copyright for your comic, back in the industry’s early days it was not … Continue reading

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Three People Who Were Surprisingly Passionate About Typography

Ryan Gayowski Wherever you find works of art being produced or consumed, you are also bound to find a certain breed of artist or fan who is happiest when discussing some obscure element of their chosen interest. These specialists are … Continue reading

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A Dying Art: Whatever Happened to Handwriting?

Ashleigh Holmes While writing a previous essay on the history and potential future of scripts, I raised the issue of no longer having standardized scripts and facing a world where digital technology makes handwriting less of a priority. The future … Continue reading

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The Price of On-Screen Reading Interfaces Versus Print Interfaces: Open Access Publishing

Chantal Normand Throughout my first paper, I discussed how during the last thirty years technological reading interfaces and devices such as computers, tablets, E-books, and desktop publishing have begun to slowly replace printed books, handwritten documents, magazines, and other print … Continue reading

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Books Are Overrated – Movies Deserve More Credit

Karter Craig It is no secret that avid readers often believe that the books are always better than their movie adaptations. With our society becoming highly digitized, movies are becoming the better option. While I am still torn between which … Continue reading

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Altered Symbolism in Suzanne Collins’ The Hunger Games

Sydney Gobeil When Suzanne Collins wrote The Hunger Games, she created a story focused on the extreme measures that a political system will go to eradicate any idea of rebellion, and maintain control of its citizens. As the novel continues, … Continue reading

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