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Allen, Kathleen M.S.; Stanton W. Green; Ezra B.W. Zubrow. Interpreting Space: GIS and Archaeology (New York: Taylor & Francis, 1990).

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Review by Jack L. Davis in American Journal of Archaeology 97 (1992): 357-359.

Table of Contents




Part I: Introduction

1. Approaching Archaeological Space: An Introduction to the Volume by Stanton W. Green

2. The Potential Methodological Impact of Geographic Information Systems on the Social Sciences by Duane F. Marble

3. GIS in Archaeological Research by Stephen H. Savage

4. The Diffusion of a New Technology: A Perspective on the Adoption of Geographic Information Systems Within UK Archaeology by Trevor M. Harris and Gary R. Lock

5. GIS, Archaeology and Freedom of Information by Linda F. Stine and Roy S. Stine

Part II: Theory and Methodology

6. Contemplating Space: A Commentary on Theory by Ezra B.W. Zubrow

7. Landscape: A Unifying Concept in Regional Analysis by Carole L. Crumley and William H. Marquardt

8. Considerations for Archaeology Database Design by Roy S. Stine and David P. Lanter

9. Predictive Modelling in Archaeology: A Primer by Robert E. Warren

10. GIS Algorithms and Their Effects on Regional Archaeological Analysis by Kenneth L. Kvamme

Part III: Data Sources, Hardware and Software

11. Coping with Space: Commentary on Data Sources, Hardward and Software by Ezra B.W. Zubrow and Stanton W. Green

12. Archaeology, Data Integration and GIS by Roy S. Stine and T. Drew Decker

13. The Archaeologist’s Workbench: Integrating GIS, Remote Sensing, EDA and Database Management by James A. Farley, W. Frederick Limp and Jami Lockhart

14.. GIS and Archaeological Site Location by Bryan A. Marozas and James A. Zack

15. The Realities of Hardware by Scott L.H. Madry

16. The Fantasies of GIS Software by Ezra B.W. Zubrow

Part IV: Applications

17. Manipulating Space: A Commentary on GIS Applications by Kathleen M.A. Allen

18. Predictive Modelling of Archaeological Site Location: A Case Study in the Midwest by Robert E. Warren

19. GIS Predictive Modelling of Prehistoric Site Distributions in Central Montana by David L. Carmichael

20. Red Flag Models: The Use of Modelling in Management Contexts by Jeffrey H. Altschul

21. Using Geographic Information Systems and Exploratory Data Analysis for Archaeological Site Classification and Analysis by Ishmael Williams, W. Frederick Limp and Frederick L. Briuer

22. Building and Historic Settlement Database in GIS by Jack M. Jackson

23. GIS in Historical Predictive Modelling: The Fort Drum Project by Robert J. Hasenstab and Benjamin Resnick

24. Modelling and Prediction with Geographic Information Systems: A Demographic Example from Prehistoric and Historic New York by Ezra B.W. Zubrow

25. Modelling Early Historic Trade in the Eastern Great Lakes Using Geographic Information Systems by Kathleen M. Sydoriak Allen 

26. Modelling the Late Archaic Social Landscape by Stephen L. Savage

27. Sorting Out Settlement in Southeastern Ireland: Landscape Archaeology and Geographic Information Systems by Stanton W. Green

28. An Application of Remote Sensing and GIS in a Regional Archaeological Settlement Pattern Analysis: The Arroux River Valley, Burgundy, France by Scott L.H. Madry and Carole L. Crumley

Part V: Conclusions

29. Interpreting Space by Kathleen M.S. Allen, Stanton W. Green, and Ezra B.W. Zubrow

Appendix: GIS Acronyms


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