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Daniels, Stephen; Dydia DeLyser; J. Nicholas Entrikin; and Douglas Richardson. Envisioning Landscapes, Making Worlds: Geography and the Humanities. (New York: Routledge, 2011).

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Review by John Agnew in Annals of the Association of American Geographers 102 (2012): 514-516.

Table of Contents

List of Illustrations


List of Contributors

Foreword: Converging Worlds: Geography and the Humanities by Douglas Richardson

Prologue: Geography Within Humanities by Denis Cosgrove

Introduction: Envisioning Landscapes, Making Worlds by Stephen Daniels, Dydia DeLyser, J. Nicholas Entrikin, and Douglas Richardson

Part I: Mapping

1. Why America is Called America by Franco Farinelli 

2. Above the Dead Cities by Derek Gregory

3. Digital Cartographies and Medieval Geographies by Keith D. Lilley

4. Mapping the Taboo by Gunnar Olsson

5. Choros, Chora and the Question of Landscape by Kenneth R. Olwig

6. Thematic Cartography and the Study of American History by Susan Schulten

Part II: Reflecting

7. Do Places Have Edges? A Geo-Philosophical Inquiry by Edward S. Casey

8. Race, Mobility and the Humanities: A Geosophical Approach by Tim Cresswell

9. The World in Plain View by J. Nicholas Entrikin

10. Courtly Geography: Nature, Authority and Civility in Early Eighteenth-Century France by Michael Heffernan

11. Darwinian Landscapes by David Livingstone

12. Travel and the Domination of Space in the European Imagination by Anthony Pagden

13. The Good Inherit the Earth by Yi-Fu Tuan

Part III: Representing

14. Putting Pablo Neruda’s Alturas de Macchu Picchu in its Places by Jim Cocola 

15. Great Balls of Fire: Envisioning the Brilliant Meteor of 1783 by Stephen Daniels

16. Reading Landscapes and Telling Stories: Geography, the Humanities and Environmental History by Diana K. Davis

17. Participatory Historical Geography? Shaping and Failing to Shape Social Memory at an Oklahoma Monument by Dydia DeLyser

18. Still-Life, After-Life, Nature Morte: W.G. Sebald and the Demands of Landscape by Jessica Dubow

19. The Texture of Space: Desire and Displacement in Hiroshi Teshigahara’s Woman of the Dunes by Matthew Gandy

20. Restoration: Synoptic Reflections by David Lowenthal

21. Overlapping Ambiguities, Disciplinary Perspectives, and Metaphors of Looking: Reflections on a Landscape Photograph by Joan M. Schwartz

Part IV: Performing

22. Inverting Perspective: Icons’ Performative Geographies by Veronica della Dora

23. Literary Geography: The Novel as a Spatial Event by Sheila Hones

24. Materializing Vision: Performing a High-Rise View by Jane M. Jacobs, Stephen Cairns, and Ignaz Strebel

25. Technician of Light: Patrick Geddes and the Optic Geography by Fraser McDonald

26. Deserted Places, Remote Voices: Performing Landscapes by Mike Pearson

27. Photography and Its Circulations by Gillian Rose

28. Beyond the Power of Art to Represent? Narratives and Performances of the Arctic in the 1630s by Julie Sanders

29. Navigating the Northwest Passage by Kathryn Yusoff


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