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Goerke, Michael. Coordinates for Historical Maps: A Workshop of the Association for History and Computing, European University Institute, 13th/14th May 1994. (St.Katharinen: Max-Planck-Institut fuer Geschichte, 1994).

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“Regionalism in American Voting Patterns, 1856-1994” by Michael Kinnear

“Using CorelDRAW for Thematic Maps: An Atlas of Indonesian History” by Robert Cribb

“A Revolution in Space: A Map” by Luis Silveira

“Towards an Agricultural Atlas of Ireland- 1850-1914: The Genesis of a Computer Cartographic Project” by Michael Turner

“Land Use Evolution in Alentejo Since the 19th Century: Sources and Methodology” by Luis Silveira, Luisa Pestana Bastos, et.al.

“Mapping the History of Aetolia, Central Greece: Eight Problems of Coordinate Files” by Peter Doorn

“Cartographic Restitution of Fiscal Sources: Some Experiences in Northern Italy” by Carlo Bertelli

“The Map and the Roteman System- Geographic Information in the Roteman Archives. A Useful Approach?” by Stefan Fogelvik

“Digitizing, Mapping and the DABURGH Programme” by Herman Diedericks

“A Space-Time Reference System for Historical Data in Medieval Tuscany” by Anna Benvenuti and Franco Niccolucci

“Coordinates for Historical Maps on the Development of German Transport since 1835” by Andreas Kunz

“Towards a Computerized Historical Atlas of European Transports and Communications, 19th-20th Centuries” by Albert Carreras, Andrea Giuntini, and Michael Goerke

“Spatial Homogenization for European Climate History” by Hannes Schuele

“Economic Aspects of Automated Mapping at the Historian’s Workbench” by Joerg Baten

“Mapping the Netherlands, 1830-1994: The Use of NLKAART” by Onna W.A. Boonstra

“The Quantitative Database of Belgian Municipalities (19th/20th Centuries): From Diachronic Worksheets to Historical Maps” by Eric Vanhaute

“Mapping ‘Kakania’: Creating an Analytical Atlas of the Habsburg Monarchy Using Geographical Information Systems (GIS)” by Gerald Sprengnagel

“Mapping- In a Norwegian Perspective” by Jan Oldervoll

“Sources for the Digital Cartography of the United States” by Myron P. Gutman and Christie G. Sample


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