HGIS Bibliography

Duckham, Matt; Michael F. Goodchild; and Michael F. Worboys.  Foundations of Geographic Information Science (New York: Taylor & Francis, 2003).

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Review by David Z. Sui in Annals of the Association of American Geographers 95 (2005): 223-225.

Review by Patrick McMahon in The Geographical Journal 170 (2004): 172.

Review by Emlyn J. Wright in Geography 88 (2003): 361

Table of Contents



Chapter 1: Geographic Information Science: Defining the Field by David M. Mark

Chapter 2: The Nature and Value of Geographic Information by Michael F. Goodchild

Chapter 3: Communicating Geographic Information in Context by Michael F. Worboys

Chapter 4: Pragmatic Information Content–How to Measure the Information in a Route Description by Andrew U. Frank

Chapter 5: Representational Commitment in Maps by Christopher Habel

Chapter 6: Granularity in Change Over Time by John G. Stell

Chapter 7: A Theory of Granular Partitions by Thomas Bittner and Barry Smith

Chapter 8: On the ontological Status of Geographical Boundaries by Antony Galton

Chapter 9: Regions in Geography: Process and Content by Daniel R. Montello

Chapter 10: Neighborhoods and Landmarks by Stephen C. Hirtle

Chapter 11: Geographical Terminology Servers–Closing the Semantic Divide by Christopher B. Jones, Harith Alani and Douglas Tudhope

Chapter 12: Placing Cultural Events and Documents in Space and Time by Ray R. Larson

Chapter 13: Geographic Activity Models by Sabine Timpf


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