HGIS Bibliography

Campbell, Bruce M.S. and Ken Bartley.  England on the Eve of the Black Death: An Atlas of Lay Lordship, Land and Wealth, 1300-49 (New York: Manchester University Press, 2006).

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Review by Christopher Dyer in The Agricultural History Review 55 (2007): 127-128.

Review by Peter Coss in The Economic History Review 60 (2007): 827-828.

Table of Contents

List of Tables

List of Graphs

List of Maps


Note on Counties, Values and Areas

1. Introduction

2. How the Maps Have Been Created

3. The IPMs as a Source

4. Regional Traits

5. Common Rights

6. Estates, Manors, and Demesnes

7. The Demesne: Messuages and Buildings

8. The Demesne: Minor Land Uses and Food Sources

9. The Demesne: Major Land Uses

10. The Demesne: Unit Land Values

11. The Demesne: Land-Use Types

12. The Demesne: Husbandry Types

13. The Demesne: Agricultural Types

14. Rent and Services

15. Seigniorial Courts and Their Revenues

16. Mills

17. Commerce and Trade

18. Lay Wealth and Taxpayers in 1327, 1332, and 1334


Appendix 1: Coding Scheme of IPM Database

Appendix 2: 1327 and 1332 Lay Subsidies: Documentary Reference Numbers, Public Record Office, London

Index of Peoples, Places, Sources, and Events

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