Sequencing an outcome

How do you breakdown a course outcome into manageable sections, or chunks, of information or action for students? What do students need to be able to do with automaticity before they can meet this learning outcome? Here is a template to help you in docx form:

Sequencing Template and Mini-Lesson Template

Sequencing Template

A. My end goal is to have students be able to meet this specific learning outcome:
B. Therefore, I need students to be able to do these three (or more) sub-components, in this sequence below C. I will get them to practice and build their abilities in these subcomponents by doing these isolated activities. %
1) ->  
2) ->  
3) ->  
D. Now that they have practiced these distinct and separate skills, I will have them comprehensively do this activity:  
E. I will assess the cumulative work with this assessment tool:    

More information on sequencing and ‘chunking’ here:

Course Development Toolkit

Course Design: Implement and Evaluate

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