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We’re receiving a lot of questions around how to use Panopto for student presentations. To do this, there are a few different approaches that could be taken. The first thing to consider is whether or not the video/audio presentation of information is necessary. If not, please consider the other options here. Learning how to use Panopto without any in-person support may be difficult for some of your students.

Another thing to recognize is that Panopto could work well for individual presentations, but will be difficult if students are expected to present as part of a group. In those cases, WebEx would likely be a better option.

You also need to decide if the other students in the classes are expected to view the presentations. If they are, what structure can you put in place to make this meaningful?

Option A: Student Submits Presentation to the Instructor Only

Step 1: Provisioning Your Blackboard Course in Panopto

The first step in using Panopto is to provision your course within Blackboard. This creates a location for videos to be saved. Access your course within PAWS Course Tools or log in to your Blackboard course at  View video here

Step 2: Creating a Link Directly to Your Panopto Folder in Blackboard

Add a link directly to your Panopto folder for students to access and submit. View video here

Step 3: Enabling the Student Assignment Submission Folder

In order for students to be able to submit videos, the instructor needs to set up a submission folder. This gives students permission to submit in this location. View video here

Step 4: FOR STUDENTS How to Record and Submit a Video Assignment (Using Panopto Video Assignment Folder)

  • This video shows students how to record a video using Panopto on a Windows PC.
  • This video show students how to submit a video using a mobile device (e.g., iPhone). If students are using an Android phone, the process is a bit different as they must record the video first, and then submit it using the Panopto app.

Option B: Student Submits Video Presentation to be Viewed by Both Instructor and other Students

Complete all four steps from Option A. The instructor also needs to turn on viewing privileges on the assignment submission folder. View video here

Option C: Student Submits Video Presentation to be Viewed and Discussed by Both Instructor and other Students

Complete all four steps from Option A.

  • Next create a discussion forum on Blackboard for students to post and share their presentation videos
  • Students will then need to create a Thread or Post in a Discussion Forum to post share their presentation video. The specific instructions around the posting should be provided by the instructor (e.g., only the video, video and explanation, video and questions for viewers, etc.). View video here
  • The rest of the class can now view the presentation video and comment on it, ask questions, and so on

Hopefully that helps you in deciding what to do next. For further support, please visit the Support Page.

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