2014 Higher Ed Horizon Report Released


Every year the New Media Consortium (NMC) and EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative release a series of reports on what they see as the coming trends in learning technologies. One such report looks specifically at higher education and the 2014 edition was recently released.

While the report has always included what these groups see as the “important developments” that will be adopted in this area in three time frames (within one year, in two to three years, and in four to five years), this year’s report also includes “Key Trends Accelerating EdTech Adoption in Higher Education” and “Significant Challenges Impeding EdTech Adoption in Higher Education”.

The “key trends” are broken down by likeliness and the expected time frame until they “create substantive change”, while the “significant challenges” are in categories of “solvable”, “difficult” and “wicked”.

Both of the “important developments” that they see as being adopted within the next year are already happening here at the University of Saskatchewan – flipped teaching and the use of learning analytics. Contact the GMCTE for more information on these initiatives.

You can read the entire report or a shorter “Preview” version on the NMC Website.

The following is a brief video summary of the report.

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