Why “Educatus”?

And why the tag line “By Teaching We Learn”?

The staff of the GMCTE held an internal contest to name the blog and the winner was the Latin word ‘educatus‘.  Educatus is the past participle of educare – to educate (or to train).  The person who suggested the name presented two main arguments in favour of its use as the GMCTE blog name.  First, the blog is intended to educate about teaching and learning in higher education.  In trying to meet this objective, the blog is aimed at any member of the U of S community engaged in teaching and learning, including our own staff here in the GMCTE, or anyone beyond the U of S with an interest in teaching and learning in higher education.  The content of the blog is also about ‘education’ (in particular, higher education teaching and learning), which is an English cognate that draws upon the original Latin educare. Second, the name (which ends in ‘us’) keeps with the U of S Communications campaign of using words ending in ‘us’ as part of the ongoing communication and marketing of the campus.

The second place choice was also a Latin phrase – ‘docendo discimus‘ – which is translated into English as ‘by teaching, we learn’ or ‘we learn by teaching’.  This phrase, first used by Seneca the Younger (c. 4 BC – 65 AD) in his letters to Lucilius Junior that we are learning if we teach (epistulae morales I, 7, 8), is actually the motto of a number of universities around the world. In terms of the blog, it was felt that this particular Latin phrase was too complicated for the name.  It was, however, felt that the notion of learning by teaching captured in many ways the spirit of what we intend to do here in The Gwenna Moss Centre, and hence its continued inclusion (translated into English) as a tag line for our blog.

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