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The Gwenna Moss Centre for Teaching Effectiveness is really excited to be launching a blog related to all things “teaching and learning in higher education”.  On this site you will find reviews and links to resources/articles/books that might be of interest, news items related to teaching and learning in higher education, and personal reflections on teaching and learning from staff in the GMCTE and elsewhere (on campus and around the world).  It is meant to be a place for faculty, staff, and students to learn about the exciting and dynamic field of teaching and learning in higher education, while at the same time providing a quick and easy place for references, ideas, and resources that will help you in very practical ways as a teacher.  You will be able to search the blog by keyword (if you really want to focus in on, for example, the use of technology in teaching), or by author (if you really want to focus on the musings of any particular staff member).

Why a blog?

We have decided to write a blog from the Centre for a few key reasons.  First, we felt this medium would be the easiest and quickest way to bring up-to-date, key resources related to the work that we do in the Centre to those who might need those resources – faculty, staff and students involved in the teaching and learning enterprise at the U of S (and elsewhere).  Second, we wanted to model how you might use a blog effectively as a tool in your classes.  And third, in line with our vision to be a national and international leader in the support for teaching and learning in higher education, we felt that a blog would be a great way to keep a current and visible presence with our peer Centres around the world.

Heather M. Ross, one of our Instructional Design Specialists in the GMCTE and a regular blogger in previous roles she has held (for example see SIAST’s Ed Tech blog she ran until last year), will coordinate our blog.  If you have ideas for blog posts, or would like to contribute your own post, please contact her at heather.ross@usask.ca.  Otherwise, please enjoy the ride!

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