How To Add a New User

Select Users -> Add New from your dashboard.  This window will appear
Add a new user dialog
Add their email address into the email blank.  This will GENERALLY be  However if you try this and it tells you it cannot find this person, there’s two possibilities….  The first is, if they have never logged into they would not yet have an account on the service… So, first make sure they’ve logged in.  The second possibility is that they have changed their email address within their profile.  Generally people who know where to go to do it (within their profile settings) change away from their email address, usually to their email alias.  The easiest way to check this is to ask the person what they set their email address to in their profile.

Author: Tyson Brown

"Vell, Tyson's just zis guy, you know?" - From Tyson's brain care specialist..... (Credit to Douglas Adams!)

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