Fall 2015 Elective Suggestions


INDG 107-CRN 91361

PSYC 120-CRN 89321

PSYC 222-CRN 81604

SOC 112-CRN 89974

SOC 212-CRN 81606

SOC 214-CRN 81607

ECUR 291-CRN 81610

ECUR 391-CRN 81611

EPSE 859-CRN 88105

EPSE 416-CRN 80688 is being offered as an in person night class on Wednesdays from 6:00-8:50 p.m.

If students are considering a masters program after the certificate, you may want to consider taking an EPSE 441 equivalent to cover the prerequisites.


Spring and Summer Electives

Here is the list of options for Spring and Summer electives(these are all web based):

EPSE 414-CRN 41070/41560 (if required)

EPSE 870-CRN 42124

PSY 120-CRN 41736

PSY 222-CRN 40341

PSY 223-CRN 41554

SOC 214-CRN 40335

SOC 227-CRN 41475

INDG 107 (formerly Native Studies)-CRN 42094

ECUR 291-CRN 40332

ECUR 391-CRN 41217

Students are more than welcome to consider in person classes if they are able to fit them into their schedule.  However, students will need Program Approval before enrolling.

EPSE 416- CRN 41758-night class

If you are considering going on to the Masters in Special Education, you may consider taking the prerequisite EPSE 441 or equivalent  as an elective(U of S-PSY 233, PSY 234, PSY 244, STAT 241, STAT 242, STAT 244, STAT 245, PLSC 314, GEOG 301, COMM 104).  You will need to look which of these classes are available for spring and summer.

Classes from other institutions you could consider, again would need to check availability:

U of R- EPSY 324, EDADM 821

Athabasca – PSYC 471, PSYC 333, PSYCH 476

Registration Deadlines for 2014-2015


Term Deadline for Registration Changes (100% Tuition Credit)* Withdraw with 75% tuition credit Withdraw with 50% tuition credit** Withdraw with no tuition credit** Withdrawal Deadline***
T1T2 classes
(Sep 3-April 8)
Sep 16, 2014 Sep 17- 30, 2014 Oct 1-15, 2014 After Oct 15, 2014 Feb 15, 2015
T1 classes
(Sep 3-Dec 5)
Sep 16, 2014 Sep 17-23, 2014 Sep 24 -30, 2014 After Sep 30, 2014 Nov 15, 2014
T2 classes
(Jan 5 -April 8)
Jan 16, 2015 Jan 17-23, 2015 Jan 24- 30, 2015 After Jan 30, 2015 Mar 15, 2015

Textbooks for Sale

Special Education Certificate Textbooks

A Parent’s Guide to Inclusive Education. Saskatchewan Association for Community Living. $8.00

Critical Issues in Special Education-$75.00

Author: Martha L. Thurlow
ISBN13: 9780395961278
ISBN10: 0395961270

The Behavior Car. $3.00

Author:  Larry Larson. Oct.1996.

Differentiating Instruction for Students With Learning Disabilities

Author: William N. Bender. 2nd Ed.

ISBN13: 9781412954464
ISBN10: 1412954460

 A Guide to Co-Teaching: Practical Tips for Facilitating Student Learning.

Authors: Villa, Thousand & Nevin. 2nd Ed.

ISBN13: 9781412960595
ISBN10: 1412960592

Assessment of Exceptional Students (8th Edition) $90.00

Author: Ronald L. Taylor
ISBN13: 9780205608393
ISBN10: 0205608396

Interactions: Collaboration Skills for School Professionals-$75.00

Author: Lynne Cook
ISBN13: 9780137152056
ISBN10: 0137152051

Educating Students with Behavior Disorders (3rd Ed.)- $80.00

Author: Paul T. Sindelar
ISBN13: 9780205340750
ISBN10: 020534075X

Language Development, Differences, and Disorders: A Perspective for General and Special Education Teachers and Classroom-Based Speech-Language Pathologists-$40.00

Author: D. Kim Reid
ISBN13: 9780890798225
ISBN10: 0890798222

Creating Inclusive Classrooms: Effective and Reflective Practices-$80.00

Author: Spencer J. Salend
ISBN13: 9780132272353
ISBN10: 0132272350

Subjects Matter: Every Teacher’s Guide to Content – Area Reading

Author: Steven Zemelman
ISBN13: 9780325005959
ISBN10: 0325005958

If you are interested in any of the textbooks listed above, please contact lmm187@mail.usask.ca

Expect Delays…

The Special Education Certificate Office will be operating in a limited capacity over the summer months due to staff changes in our office. We will try to respond to your inquiry in a timely manner but anticipate there may be some delays.
Please e-mail spec.edpse@usask.ca for all questions. Thank you so much for your patience! Have a great summer :)

Degree Works is HERE!

Good afternoon everyone!
The University has now added the Post Degree Special Education Certificate to the Degree works program!
What is Degree Works you ask?
DegreeWorks is a degree audit service for students and advisors available through PAWS. The degree audit is a listing of classes completed and classes required for a student’s current program and calendar year and will display the following:
· Student and program information
· Courses and requirements outstanding and fulfilled
· Approximate progress in program based on requirements fulfilled
· Credit Units required and obtained
· Student marks
· Course exceptions
· Course equivalents
· Advisor notes
· Insufficient and repeated classes
· Extra Courses
DegreeWorks will provide students and advisors the following planning features and functions:
· A What-If feature to allow students and advisors to see how classes taken would fit into another program
· A Look Ahead feature to allow students and advisors to see which requirements may be satisfied by taking particular courses
· A Planner feature to allow students and advisors to plan a course of study for a term, for a year or for a complete program
We will also use this tool to add your electives, once chosen and approved by the program Director, so that your “Estimated Program Progress” bar will as up to date as possible.
This is a tool to help you find your path to your certificate completion. Use it to plan ahead for a meeting with an academic advisor. It does not constitute an official degree audit or transcript and is not binding until verified in consultation with your College Student Office.
This degree audit report is not your academic transcript and it is not official notification of completion of certificate requirements. You are encouraged to use this report as a guide when planning your progress toward completion of the above requirements. You should contact us at spec.edpse@usask.ca if you have any questions at all in regards to your degree audit.
***Please note if you have a hold on your account you will need to clear this up before you can see Degree Works.

SSPEC 2013 Conference –

Download file
Attention Special Education Teachers, Classroom Teachers, Paraprofessionals, and Learning Support personnel:
• Do you have access to iPads or computers at school?
• Do you want help with successfully integrating technology to support your students?
• Do you work with reluctant, struggling writers?
• Do you need strategies for using tech tools for each component of the writing process?
Please join Saskatchewan Special Subject Council (SSPEC) on Friday, April 12th at the STF Building in Saskatoon for our annual spring conference. This year our theme is “Teamwork”. See the attached poster for details.
Our agenda includes:
• Ministry Moment with Corey Hadden, Director of Student Support Services – Get the latest news from a Ministry of Education representative and have an opportunity to ask your questions in person
• Keynote Speaker Susie Blackstein Adler, assistive technology expert on Technology Integration in Classroom Instruction and Assistive Technology for Writing
• The Teacher’s Trunk for on site shopping
• Quizno’s lunch
Register and pay online by March 31st for only $50.00! Purchase or renew your membership today for just $20.00/year.
Please share this invitation widely. We look forward to seeing you soon!
Scott Woods-Fehr
SSPEC Webmaster

Spring/Summer Permission Request

Students will be able to register for Spring and Summer Session classes as of February 20, 2012. Permissions are given on a first-come, first-serve basis, therefore, the sooner you request permission the better, to avoid any disappointment. Tuition and fees for classes spanning both terms will be split between the terms: half will be due on the Term 1 due date and half will be due on the Term 2 due date. The exception is health and dental fees, which, if assessed, are all owing in Term 1.
The Post-Degree Certificate in Education: Special Education tuition category is category #2 as set by the University of Saskatchewan Schedule of Tuition Fees for Canadian Undergraduate Students for current rates please visit:
The classes that will be offered are as follows:
 EPSE 414 (2 sections)
 EPSE 510
 EPSE 520
 EPSE 530
 EPSE 570
REMINDER: Please include your student number when submitting permission requests.

Spring/Summer Registration 2013

Hey Everyone!
Spring/Summer registration starts on Feb 20th. We are still building the courses and will have them posted soon so you can see what is available!
For more information on registration at the University of Saskatchewan please refer to this website:
For any questions regarding the EPSE Special ED Certificate program please e-mail us at spec.edpse@usask.ca

Funded Opportunities for Graduate Studies in Sustainability Education

Graduate Student Research Positions
Sustainability Education Research Institute
College of Education/School of Environment and Sustainability
DESCRIPTION: The University of Saskatchewan is looking for one Master’s and one PhD student to work on the Sustainability and Education Policy Network (SEPN). This is an exceptional opportunity to gain experience working with an active, vibrant group of graduate students, researchers, and community-¬‐based organizations at a national and international scale
PROJECT: SEPN is a large-¬‐scale research project on environmental sustainability education policy and practice in Canada (EC-¬‐12 and post-¬‐secondary). SEPN is housed by the Sustainability Education Research Institute (SERI), a research centre with the overarching goal to further research and action on land, place, environment, and sustainability in relation to educational research, policy, and practice.
Responsibilities will vary but may include: (1) data entry and management, (2) assisting with surveys and interviews, (3) conducting background research and report writing and (4) other clerical and organizational duties as required.
The Master’s student will focus their thesis research on a national survey that will collect data on the relationships between sustainability practices and communities and sustainability policy in EC-¬‐12 or post-¬‐secondary education in Canada. The PhD student will focus their research on in-¬‐depth site analyses at the EC-¬‐12 or post-¬‐secondary levels to examine existing place and community practices as they inform understandings of the impact and gaps of sustainability policy in education in relation to multiple sectors. One or more students may be paired to work closely with lead partner organizations.
More information on the Sustainability and Education Policy Network (SEPN) and Sustainability Education Research Institute (SERI) may be found at www.sepn.ca and www.seri.usask.ca.
Education: A Bachelor degree is required and students must be currently enrolled or applying to a graduate program at either the Master’s or PhD level at the University of Saskatchewan.
Experience: Knowledge and experience in conducting research; Familiarity with research methods; Experience interacting with collaborators and working with multidisciplinary teams; Experience in policy analysis, survey research, and/or site analyses research are an asset.
Skills: Excellent interpersonal skills; Excellent communication skills (written and verbal); Ability to work productively, both individually and in groups; Ability to work independently, following timelines to complete work in efficient manner.
CONDITIONS: Students will undertake research assistant work on the project, as well as undertake their thesis research on one aspect of the project. Graduate student researcher stipends are $15,000 (Master’s) and $18,000 (PhD), plus benefits, or as negotiated in terms of contract. Current hiring is for positions commencing September 2013, with up to two years of funding for Master’s students and three years of funding for PhD students. Students are expected to complete thesis research on the project during this period.
ACADEMIC STUDY: Students will work with faculty in Educational Foundations or the School of Environment and Sustainability (SENS) at the University of Saskatchewan (with a preference for the Master’s student to work out of Educational Foundations and the PhD student to work out of SENS). If not current students, students will need to also apply to one of those units by the application deadline of February 15th (applications submitted past that deadline may be reviewed).
Successful applicants will need to meet the admission requirements and be admitted to a graduate program at the University of Saskatchewan, as well as fulfill all program requirements upon entry. Please see the following websites for information on admission and program details and requirements:
www.usask.ca/education/efdt/integrated-¬‐ med/index.html and www.usask.ca/sens/graduate_programs/index.php.
Interested individuals are asked to contact Nicola Chopin, SEPN Project Manager, nicola.chopin@usask.ca for further information.
Upon indication of interest, individuals will be provided with an application package.
Application review will begin February 15, 2013. Applications submitted past this date will be reviewed.
Only individuals to be interviewed will be contacted.
Download file