Registration for Spring and Summer 2017

Registration for Spring and Summer 2017 will open on February 15, 2017.

The classes that will be offered are as follows:

EPSE 510-CRN 40713

EPSE 520-CRN 40084

EPSE 530-CRN 40086

EPSE 570-CRN 40091

All EPSE 500 level courses run through both Spring and Summer Terms from May to August.

Electives suggestions (students are required to check availability and responsible for obtaining their own permission)

INDG 107, SOC 212, SOC 214, PSY 120, PSY 121, PSY 222, ECUR 291, AND ECUR 391.

*EPSE 417-will be offered web based for the first time this Summer Term.

If you are required to take EPSE 414 as one of your required electives (would be stated in your acceptance letter) it is offered in Spring Term.

If students are considering the M.Ed. in Special Education you may want to consider an introductory to stats class if you did not complete one in your B.Ed.  Currently, EPSE 441 is not being offered; however, MATH 215 from Athabasca University is currently deemed an equivalent.

Please include your student number when submitting permission requests. You will receive email confirmation when your permission request has been granted.