Spring and Summer Electives

Here is the list of options for Spring and Summer electives(these are all web based):

EPSE 414-CRN 41070/41560 (if required)

EPSE 870-CRN 42124

PSY 120-CRN 41736

PSY 222-CRN 40341

PSY 223-CRN 41554

SOC 214-CRN 40335

SOC 227-CRN 41475

INDG 107 (formerly Native Studies)-CRN 42094

ECUR 291-CRN 40332

ECUR 391-CRN 41217

Students are more than welcome to consider in person classes if they are able to fit them into their schedule.  However, students will need Program Approval before enrolling.

EPSE 416- CRN 41758-night class

If you are considering going on to the Masters in Special Education, you may consider taking the prerequisite EPSE 441 or equivalent  as an elective(U of S-PSY 233, PSY 234, PSY 244, STAT 241, STAT 242, STAT 244, STAT 245, PLSC 314, GEOG 301, COMM 104).  You will need to look which of these classes are available for spring and summer.

Classes from other institutions you could consider, again would need to check availability:

U of R- EPSY 324, EDADM 821

Athabasca – PSYC 471, PSYC 333, PSYCH 476