Winter Elective Suggestions

Here is the list of options for Term 2 electives(these are all web based):

EPSE 414-CRN 30508 (if needed)

PSYC 121-CRN 29907

PSYC 222-CRN 29061

NS 107-CRN 29108/29223

ECUR 291-CRN 22236/28284

ECUR 391-CRN 22237

EPSE 868-CRN 30738 (Program Approval)

EPSE 888-CRN 30018 (Program Approval and our office will contact instructor on students behalf for Instructor Approval)

*If students take a grad class towards their certificate and go on to do an Educational Psychology and Special Education master’s program, students will be required to work with the Grad Chair to find a suitable replacement class.

Students are more than welcome to consider in person classes if they are able to fit them into their schedule.  However, students will need Program Approval before enrolling.

EPSE 417-CRN 21926 is being offered as a night class on Tuesdays from 5:00-7:50 p.m.

U of S EPSE 441 equivalents (will need to check Term 2 availability) -PSY 233, STAT 241, STAT 244, STAT 245, COMM 104

Classes from other institutions you could consider, again would need to check availability:

U of R- EPSY 324, EDADM 821

Athabasca – PSYC 471, PSYC 333, PSYCH 476