Expect Delays…

The Special Education Certificate Office will be operating in a limited capacity over the summer months due to staff changes in our office. We will try to respond to your inquiry in a timely manner but anticipate there may be some delays.
Please e-mail spec.edpse@usask.ca for all questions. Thank you so much for your patience! Have a great summer :)

Degree Works is HERE!

Good afternoon everyone!
The University has now added the Post Degree Special Education Certificate to the Degree works program!
What is Degree Works you ask?
DegreeWorks is a degree audit service for students and advisors available through PAWS. The degree audit is a listing of classes completed and classes required for a student’s current program and calendar year and will display the following:
· Student and program information
· Courses and requirements outstanding and fulfilled
· Approximate progress in program based on requirements fulfilled
· Credit Units required and obtained
· Student marks
· Course exceptions
· Course equivalents
· Advisor notes
· Insufficient and repeated classes
· Extra Courses
DegreeWorks will provide students and advisors the following planning features and functions:
· A What-If feature to allow students and advisors to see how classes taken would fit into another program
· A Look Ahead feature to allow students and advisors to see which requirements may be satisfied by taking particular courses
· A Planner feature to allow students and advisors to plan a course of study for a term, for a year or for a complete program
We will also use this tool to add your electives, once chosen and approved by the program Director, so that your “Estimated Program Progress” bar will as up to date as possible.
This is a tool to help you find your path to your certificate completion. Use it to plan ahead for a meeting with an academic advisor. It does not constitute an official degree audit or transcript and is not binding until verified in consultation with your College Student Office.
This degree audit report is not your academic transcript and it is not official notification of completion of certificate requirements. You are encouraged to use this report as a guide when planning your progress toward completion of the above requirements. You should contact us at spec.edpse@usask.ca if you have any questions at all in regards to your degree audit.
***Please note if you have a hold on your account you will need to clear this up before you can see Degree Works.