Information for New 2011 Applicants

This entry is aimed at new applicants- we hope that the following information will help you settle into the program quickly and reach your goals with ease!
Reminder #1
All EPSE 500-level courses require department approval for registration. This means, anytime you want to take a ‘certificate course’ you have to contact our office and let us know. We put permission on the system to allow you to register. This prevents students from outside of the program registering in error and filling spots in these courses, needed by you and other certificate students!
Reminder #2
Always include your student number in any and all communications with the university. It helps staff address your inquiries more efficiently.
Reminder #3
Use your PAWS email account. We communicate with our students via PAWS email. If you are new to using PAWS there are tutorials available online HERE. Alternatively, you may forward your PAWS email to an account that you use more frequently, instructions on that are found HERE.
Reminder #4
Breaks in enrollment are a fact of life for many of our Certificate students. Often students take a semester off from classes due to heavier workloads or family responsibilities. It is important to note, that when this happens the University may ‘inactivate’ your student number. This can affect your PAWS email account, and you will not recieve communications. If you take a break of 2 or more terms, it is important to remember this and check your PAWS account to ensure it’s still ‘active’. If not, call our office and we can get Admissions to re-activate your account.
Reminder #5
Regular Session refers to T1(Sept-Dec) and T2 (Jan-Apr) of a given academic year. Registration for Regular Session usually begins near the end of June (watch PAWS for exact dates). When courses are finalized and posted online, you can decide what you would like to take in the next year, and contact the office (
Welcome to the program!!!