Fall 2010 – Get Ready!

With June just days away, here is a timely reminder.
Please remember to start planning your next year now. Start by searching the courses online, that will be offered this year.
Contact us prior to your registration date (see your PAWS account for your registration access date) to have departmental permission added to the system. Please note: this does not guarantee you a spot in the class. Courses are filled on a first-come, first-served basis.
IMPORTANT: if you are interested in taking EPSE 540 or EPSE 570 during the regular session (either Sept or Jan) please email spec.edpse@usask.ca and get your name on the request list. These two courses are usually only offered during Spring/Summer session, however if there is enough interest in the courses the Department may offer them.

Filling Your Elective Requirements

The Post-Degree Certificate in Educational Psychology and Special Education is a 30 credit course. In addition to the 8 required courses (which totals 24 credit units), students are required to take an additional 6 credits of electives courses of their choosing.
You will need to search out courses that not only fit your needs as a student (most of our students want online or correspondence courses), but it must also fit with the certificate programs focus of Educational Psychology and Special Education. Therefore, when you find a course (or courses) that you are interested in using as an elective, forward the information about the course (including institution, course name and description) to our office for pre-approval towards your certificate program.
Upon completion of the course- request official transcripts showing the course(s) mark be sent to our office. We will ensure that the appropriate transfer credit is added to your U of S transcript.