Dr. David Edney gives back

For Dr. David Edney, learning and experience go hand in hand. Edney has contributed to enriching Saskatoon’s community by encouraging an exchange of culture and understanding. He practices an inclusive and influential way of living by sharing his passion with others.

Dr. David Edney, a committed member of our community.

Edney channels his talents and interests to serve others in the community. Edney has practiced yoga for over 35 years, and became an instructor in order to bring the practice to people who would not normally have access. Edney teaches yoga to inmates at the Saskatoon Provincial Correctional Centre and supplies funding to bring yoga to Indigenous communities. He believes the ancient practice shares philosophies with the traditional First Nations way of life and is partnering with the Saskatoon Tribal Council to train Indigenous people to become yoga teachers.

Edney also utilizes his background in languages to translate plays. With a momentous career as a professor Language and Linguistics at the U of S (1965-2006) and now living part-time in Paris, Edney is fluent in a number of languages. He has transcribed for Canadian theatres, including the Stratford Festival and the National Arts Centre, New York University, the Chichester Festival in England and CBC radio, and several have been published.

Edney’s love of language and interest in intercultural understanding has resulted in his creation of the David Edney Trust Fund for Theatre, Language and Culture. Through this fund, he has found an outlet to provide meaningful contributions for students, such as enhancing the Aboriginal Theatre Program, creating student travel scholarships and providing graduate student funding. It is his hope that in providing these unique opportunities, it will create bold, adventurous thinkers. “The world is a troubled place. It’s worrying, but through philanthropy we can do something about it. Gifts of money can ease suffering and support creative people who are working to solve our problems. In this way we can all have a role in making the world better.”

Dr. David Edney believes in the U of S’ mission of creating opportunities for students that will encourage a connected, sustainable, diverse and creative path in life. As an educator at the U of S he made a mark on his students, and continues to positively impact the U of S campus community as a whole. Edney’s confidence in the U of S as a foundation of change and growth for our community is apparent through his commitment to providing opportunities for students, and, as a U of S student himself. Edney is a familiar face around campus, and can often still be seen walking through the Arts building on his way to class.

Edney’s support of fine arts organizations and universities across the country has provided growth and empowerment to many individuals. His dedication and generosity has changed the climate of our community.