The current constitution of the USDS can be found here.

Membership Form

Anyone can attend meetings without registering. However, to attend a CUSID tournament, you must register as a member and pay your club fees ($10 for new members, $20 for returning). The registration form can be found here. If you would prefer a paper copy, we can provide one at a meeting.

Travel Funding Opportunities

Arts & Science Undergraduate Student Travel Funds: only for Arts & Science undergraduate students and cannot be related to course credit. The fall travel application is due October 17 and the Spring travel application is due March 17. To apply:

University of Saskatchewan Student Travel Award: open to all students at the UofS. The fall travel application is due August 15 (passed), the spring application is due December 15, and the summer application is due April 15. To apply:

Arts & Science Students’ Union Travel Funding: to apply, please speak to the Executive or go to Arts 248 and ask for an application.

If you are not an Arts & Science student, please check with your college office and students’ union to see if there are any more funding opportunities available.

Debate Organizations:

CUSID – The Canadian University Society for Intercollegiate Debate.

CUSID Message Boards

SEDA – The Saskatchewan Elocution and Debate Association.

SYP – Saskatchewan Youth Parliament

Current Events:

The Globe and Mail – The online edition of one of Canada’s leading national newspapers.

The Economist – A business magazine with many relevant articles useful for case ideas.