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In-House Tournament, Funding, and More!

Hello again friends,


Meetings are going exceptionally well, as you know you’ve been coming to them. 🙂

First, our in-house tournament is happening THIS SATURDAY, Oct. 3rd, and we are super excited about it. We hope to have an excellent day of practice and fun. If you are planning on coming to this tournament, you should fill out this registration form:


Registration is not mandatory to attend, so if you happen to be unsure whether you can come, feel free to just show up on the day with your club membership fee in hand. However, it is helpful to us for you to register so we can order the right amount of food for lunch (which is free!).


Second, registration is officially open for the Fall Open Novice Tournament at the University of Alberta, Oct 23-25. There are TWO relevant registration forms to fill out here (if you fill out one but not the other, we’ll probably send you an email to check up, just in case).

The first is the application for funding to go to the tournament. Registration is $100 per team this year, but the Exec has set aside $600 to help new club members attend at no personal cost. If you are an Arts and Science student at the U of S, this form will also let us apply to the ASSU for travel funding on your behalf, which enables us to send even more members to the tournament. If you want to go to Fall Open FOR FREE just click on this link:



Now that you’ve done that, here is the registration form for the tournament itself (yes, it’s awkward they they’re seperate. What can you do?). You need to fill this form out for us so that we can tell the U of A people how many of us are coming. Note: you are considered a novice if you have attended 3 or fewer CUSID debate tournaments, and you are thus eligible to compete. If you have attended 3 or more, you are still very welcome to attend as a judge. Fall Open is a very friendly event and a great way to meet and hang out with friends from other clubs.



That’s all for today. Excelsior!