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McGoun a Success!

The 2013 McGoun Championships were a great success! Thanks to all who attended. In particular, we’d like to thank our CA Garrett, DCA Michael Warren., Tournament Director Elyn Achtymichuk, Co-TD RainerĀ Kocsis and Tabs Director Michael Fulton.

The results are as follows:

Robert Lees-Miller and Jennifer McBean (Alberta)

Dylan Hardy and Andrew Plishka (Sask)

Trevor Breen and Catherine Fan (Alberta)
Joey Eremondi and Matt Schmeiser (Sask)

Stefan Belev and Kehan Fu (Sask)
Conor McGurk and Allison Morrell (UBC)

Top Speakers:
1. Dylan Hardy (Sask)
2. Robert Lees-Miller (Alberta)
3. Meritt Kocdag (Sask)
4. Matt Schmeiser (Sask)
5. Catherine Fan (Alberta)

Top Novice:
Stefan Belev (Sask)

Top Novice Team:
Stefan and Kehan (Sask)