Shortcut Keys make Mac TurningPoint Users’ Lives Easier!

While it IS really nice to finally have a Mac version of TurningPoint now that we’re upgraded to TurningPoint 5, there ARE some frustrations with it. One of these, I find, is the whole question of having to start and stop polling by going up and clicking on the Show Bar every time you have a polling question.

To make this a bit easier, you can set up a shortcut key to start and stop polling. By default, there IS one, its [Option] + [Command] + 8, but you know, I find that really interferes with my presentation flow, having to remember that. Instead, what I did was remap that shortcut key in the TurningPoint Preferences, to [Option] + [Command] + [Right Arrow]. I figured, since I advance through my slides using the Right Arrow key all the time, THAT would be the easiest shortcut key for me to remember (I tried just using ONE modifier button, but either combination was already defined for something else in the System.

To remap your shortcut keys, open up the TurningPoint preferences, select Software from the left-hand pane and click the Change button beside the Start/Stop Polling button.

How do I KNOW if my clicker is working?

If you are tuned to the correct clicker channel for your classroom (refer to the signage available in the classroom) and your instructor is currently polling a question, you will see a bright green light on your clicker that indicates your answer has been received by the clicker system.  It looks like this:

or like this:

If you don’t see that green light, you should:

  1. Ensure you’re tuned to the correct clicker channel (see instructions here).
  2. Ensure your instructor is actually “polling” (do you see a green “Polling Open” on the top right of their PowerPoint presentation screen?).
  3. Check to ensure your clicker batteries are not dead (you will not see ANY lights if they are)

After checking the above three points. if you or your instructor still have concerns about the functionality of your clicker (“Is it working?”, “How can I be SURE that my instructor is getting my answers?”) you can bring your clicker to the ICT Help Desk in Room 70 Arts to have them verify the functionality of your clicker.  If there are still concerns, instructors can contact the ICT Help Desk (by phone at 966-4817 or by email at to arrange with ICT Academic Support staff for in-depth testing in their classroom.