3 – SoTL / how we learn / instructional strategies

CIC Learning Outcomes

  • 5 – Choose engaging teaching strategies that are appropriate for the course content and the large class setting, and align the large group instructional strategies with the learning outcomes and assessments
  • 6 – Identify students’ diverse needs and integrate inclusive practices to respond to the needs
  • 8 – Reflect on use of new assessment and teaching strategies, and their impact given the large class size

Before Class

  • Make a list of the teaching strategies that you are currently using for your large course.
  • Watch the following videos related to constructive alignment and how the brain learns.

Resources To Be Used During Class

Instructional strategies summary chart (MS Word Doc)

CIC session 3 presentation (MS PPTX)

After Class

Be sure to check the next module for what work may need to be done prior to the next CIC meeting.