Prairie Floods – More CH Media Contributions

The unprecedented summer flooding through parts of the prairies over past weeks has prompted a series of requests for insights and comments from hydrologists. In response, CH staff have given several interviews, giving rise to the following articles and reports:

Prof. John Pomeroy:

  • Moosomin World Spectator (11 Aug): Hydrology expert says future flooding may be alleviated  Original
  • Western Producer (18 Jul): Pay farmers to stop drainage: research chair  Original / PDF
  • Western Producer (17 Jul): Lake Winnipeg to get worst of flood  Original / PDF
  • Yorkton This Week (16 Jul): Floods show something is changing  Original / PDF
  • Winnipeg Free Press (12 Jul): Analysis – Manitoba at ground zero  Original / PDF
  • CBC TV – The National (11 Jul): Why did the prairies flood again so soon?  Original
  • ClimateWire (10 Jul): A spectrum of anxiety mounts as unusual weather floods North America’s farm belt  Original
  • CBC News Manitoba (10 Jul): Draining wetlands contributes to Prairie summer floods, says expert  Original
  • NewsTalk 650 (10 Jul): Original
  • Globe and Mail (9 Jul): Loss of ponds, wetlands exacerbated Manitoba flooding: report  Original / PDF
  • Saskatoon Star Phoenix (9 Jul): Sound advice on water woes  Original / PDF
  • RCI – Radio Canada International (9 Jul): Weird floods “consistent with changes in climate”  Original / PDF
  • Politics and its Discontents (Blog) (9 Jul): Has Harper Betrayed The West?  Original
  • Saskatoon Star Phoenix (8 Jul): More prolonged storms a reality, researcher says  Original / PDF
  • Saskatoon Star Phoenix (8 Jul): Drainage contributing to flooding, expert says  Original / PDF
  • Regina Leader Post (8 Jul): Mandryk: Floods tells us our climate is changing  Original / PDF
  • CBC – The Current (8 Jul): State of Emergency: What’s the long-term solution to prairie flooding?  Original
  • CBC News Manitoba (8 Jul): Manitoba flooding: Next 48 hours critical, province says  Original / PDF
  • Ruminations (Blog) (8 Jul): Calamitous Climate  Original
  • PostMedia / (7 Jul): Changing climate at root of ‘utterly unprecedented’ summer flood  Original / PDF
  • CBC The Morning Edition – Saskatoon (2 Jul): Expert says southeast Saskatchewan should expect more flooding  Original
  • CBC Saskatoon Morning (2nd July)
  • 660 News Radio (30 Jun): Prairie weather part of long-term changing climate: expert  Original
  • Manitoba Co-operator (30 Jun): Worthwhile trade-off  Original / PDF
  • Manitoba Co-operator (20 Jun): Province vows to tackle southwest’s water woes  Original / PDF

Dr Kevin Shook

  • Calgary Herald (30 Jun): Expert sees growing trend of torrential downpours on prairies  Original / PDF