The High Hopes for Our Research: Don’t Lose Sight

by Selinda Berg Leddy Library, University of Windsor When I deliver professional development workshops on cultivating research topics and creating research questions, I highlight the importance of ensuring that research topics and questions have significance and that researchers can articulate … Continue reading

Research Mentorship: Qualities from Doctoral Supervision

by Selinda Berg Leddy Library, University of Windsor During the 2017 Librarians Research Institute, I talked about the uniqueness of doing my doctoral research as compared to the other research I have engaged in. While there are many differences, the … Continue reading

Research that is (un-)related to librarianship

by Kristin Hoffmann University of Western Ontario I have noticed that conversations about librariansi doing research often lead to discussions about whether librarians can or should do research that isn’t related to librarianship or library and information science (LIS). Most … Continue reading

Affective Research Supports: Small Actions, Big Difference

by Selinda Berg Leddy Library, University of Windsor In informal conversations with colleagues across Canada, as well as within the formal conversation of the professional literature, there is an underlying notion that librarians can feel a lack of support towards … Continue reading