Purpose & Guidelines

The Branching Out blog is a place for news and updates from all the branches and units of the University Library. It is informal — created by library employees for library employees.

Remember, this blog is an open blog that can be accessed by anyone. Please blog accordingly.

University Library Guidelines
Posts, Comments and Photos
The Branching Out Blog follows high standards of relevance, good manners and respect. Anyone posting and/or commenting are expected to maintain these standards.

Any blog post/comment should be relevant to the University Library. This may include, but is not limited to:

  • staff member/unit/branch milestone(s)
  • updates/introduction to ongoing/new initiatives or activities
  • interesting and/or fun events happening within a branch/unit or that affect a branch/unit

If you make a post and/or comment that mentions a person’s name please use only their first name and be sure to acquire that person’s permission before you mention them.

Any submitted photo or video that contains people must have the consent/permission of the people pictured in order to be considered for posting. When submitting photos of people, please include a note indicating that permissions have been granted. Blog administrators reserve the right to contact people in submitted photos to ensure permission.

All posts/comments are expected to be written in a collegial, polite, and respectful manner. No derogatory or condescending language and/or opinions will be tolerated.

All submissions are subject to moderation

University of Saskatchewan Guidelines
“Since you are using the University of Saskatchewan’s computing facilities‚ you must abide by all University Policies‚ including the Computer Use Policy and the Individual Webpage Guidelines.

Some Rights Reserved. Will open in a new window Please exercise good judgement and common sense when you blog. In general‚ you may post content freely to your weblog and to those of others‚ so long as the content is not illegal‚ threatening‚ discriminatory‚ harassing‚ obscene or invasive of privacy. Those of us who are coordinating this project believe in free speech‚ however‚ we reserve the right to remove certain content that you may post.

Copyright and Ownership
By posting content to any weblog‚ you warrant and represent that you have the rights to that content‚ including all the rights necessary for you to post the content. You agree that you will not knowingly provide false or misleading information. Unless otherwise indicated‚ all content found on this site is made available under the terms of an Attribution/Share Alike Creative Commons license with the exception that no rights are granted in any logo‚ graphic design‚ trademarks or trade names‚ including the University of Saskatchewan name and logo. If you wish to change the license for your own weblog‚ you may do so in the Configuration for that weblog.

By posting your content using this weblog service‚ you are granting the University of Saskatchewan a non-exclusive‚ royalty-free‚ perpetual‚ and worldwide license to use your content in connection with the operation of this service‚ including‚ without limitation‚ the license rights to copy‚ distribute‚ transmit‚ publicly display‚ publicly perform‚ reproduce‚ edit‚ translate and reformat your content‚ and/or to incorporate it into a collective work” (Retrieved from http://www.usask.ca/its/services/webpage_hosting/blogs/terms.php).