Harry Potter Food Day at Murray

As all good wizards know, Harry Potter’s birthday is in July. Therefore, July’s monthly Murray Food Day was the perfect excuse to celebrate our favorite boy wizard. And what better way to celebrate the Boy Who Lived than with a wizarding world feast?

Murray employees really outdid themselves with the variety of treats available. Along with our regular Food Day fare, we dined on snacks of a more magical variety. Fortunately, everything was delicious – no puking pastilles or nosebleed nougats in sight.

Golden snitch crisps and troll bogeys.

Flying broomsticks

Butter beer and pumpkin juice

Witch hat cupcakes with sorting hat surprise filling

We Gryffin-ADORED our food day. We Raven-CLAWED the food into our mouths until we were Huffle-STUFFED and then we Slytherin-ED our way back to our desks for a nap.

To make Harry Potter day extra super duper special, we also took a quiz which sorted us into Hogwarts Houses. We encourage other library employees to take the quiz and see which House they belong in!

The library is apparently mostly populated with Ravenclaws and Hufflepuffs. No one wanted to fess up to being a Slytherin (*cough* Candice *cough*)

The Harry Potter Food Day was such a success, it’s sure to become an annual tradition.

Wizards at work

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  1. Such a fun food day! Awesome post about it. Hahahaha … Thanks for those who organized and spent so much time and creative energy making fun food for us all!

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