Survey Results and Town Hall meetings

As noted in the last Biomedical Sciences blog post, a survey was conducted, via the Registrar’s Office, of current and past undergraduate students from the last 5 years of the B.Sc. programs in the Biomedical Sciences.  

The survey was conducted over a 3 week period.  There was an overwhelming response from students with 49% of the current students responding and a 25% response rate from past students. In addition, a majority of students took the time to leave comments for the committee to review.  We were told by the Registrar’s Office that this was exceptional response. It speaks to the level of engagement that current and past students have toward their education.

The survey was developed in a highly consultative manner with input from the Programs committee, the Registrar’s office, and Arts and Science representatives.

The results have been outlined in these powerpoint presentations(.pptx):  Current students Past students

The Biomedical Programs Committee wants to capture feedback of all interested students, staff and faculty of the survey results. We wish to invite all interested people to one of two Town Hall presentations shown below, where we will present the results of the two surveys of our current and past students of the B.Sc. programs along with findings from 3 Biomedical/Life Science /Medical Science Programs in Canada that members of the Programs Committee visited in September, 2015. We welcome your questions and feedback after the presentation.  

The Town Hall presentations will occur:

Monday, November 16th at 4:00 PM in Room E1130 Health Sciences Building


Tuesday, November 17th at 4:00 PM in Room E1150 Health Sciences Building

Please watch your email and poster notices throughout the Health Sciences for this and other announcements.  Please RSVP

Opening a Conversation about Biomedical Sciences


As you learned through the dean’s blog on October 2, the College of Medicine is invested in ensuring we have a vibrant, innovative undergraduate Biomedical Sciences program.  To that end, we’ve embarked on a process to determine our future.

Through this blog, I intend to share updates and seek your feedback.

I will provide updates of ongoing work on the development of the undergraduate Biomedical Sciences program(s) of the future, and determining the best governance structure to manage the new undergraduate program and all other academic activities within the Biomedical Science Departments.

This work is currently being carried out by the two committees established to tackle these two mandates: the Biomedical Sciences Programs Committee and the Biomedical Sciences Governance Committee.

I also hope to use this blog in an interactive manner to answer any questions you may have about the information provided regarding the Biomedical Sciences initiative within the College of Medicine.  Please add your comments or questions and I’ll respond as quickly as possible.

Update of activities by the Biomedical Sciences Programs Committee:

  1. A survey to current and past students of the undergraduate Biomedical Science programs was developed by the Biomedical Programs Committee, with the assistance of the Registrar’s Office, to determine their level of satisfaction within existing B.Sc. undergraduate programs and how they feel existing programs might be improved. Survey will close on October 13th, with the results analysed and posted for all to view.
  1. Secondly, three faculty members from the Programs Committee visited three Canadian Universities (Queen’s, Western, Dalhousie) that have similar Biomedical/Life Science/Medical Sciences undergraduate programs. These site visits informed us as to how their respective programs got formed, perceived strengths and weaknesses of their programs, and lessons learned in developing their biomedical programs. We talked to faculty, students, and administrators at each university. As well, our Biomedical Science department heads had the opportunity to interact with program administrators at each university via one-hour videoconferences. Information from each university site has been reported back to both the Biomedical Programs and Governance Committees.

Update of Biomedical Governance Committee:

  1. We agreed in early summer (the dean and the five Biomedical Science department heads) to the mandates and memberships of two Biomedical Sciences Committees to carry out this initiative, namely the Biomedical Sciences Program Committee and the Biomedical Governance Committee.
  2. This Biomedical Governance committee has revised the mandate and membership of the old Basic Science Undergraduate Programs Standing Committee of Faculty Council for the College of Medicine. These revisions have been sent to the CoM By-Laws Committee for review, which will then be voted upon by the CoM Faculty Council at one of its next Faculty Council meetings.
  3. The dean met with the five 5 Biomedical Science Departments Heads in September to begin discussions on potential governance structures for the Biomedical Sciences in the future. Continued discussions will occur throughout fall, 2015 to determine what governance structure is best to effectively manage all of the academic activities of the current Biomedical Science Departments.

In the next update, in a couple of weeks, I will share the survey results about the existing undergraduate biomedical science programs as asked of current and past biomedical science students.

Hoping to hear from you.