Augmented Reality – the next Killer App

On my walk today I came upon a family standing beside the path with their phones out. As I passed, one of the boys told his mom “… and if you wait here long enough another animal will show up and you can catch it too”. Of course, they were just a few of the millions playing the new Pokémon GO game.  But the significance of this Augmented Reality experience goes far beyond Pokémon.

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Thoughts on technology change

Last week in a mailing list for Blackboard users someone asked if anyone had piloted the new “Canvas” learning management system, and then decided to stay with Blackboard, and if so why.

I posted a reply which seemed to strike a chord with many of the people on that list, so thought it would make a good blog post.

Below is a slightly modified version of that post and some of the followups.

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