Discussion group about the First Year Research Experience


I attended an information and sharing session this afternoon on the Undergraduate research Initiative at the University of Saskatchewan. This project started a few years back but has moved into the implementation phase. AgBio was invited to be a test college for implementing a first year research experience into our classes. Of course, we went for it enthusiastically.

When I say we, the instructors of all 3 AgBio first term courses also embraced the idea and have implemented it in their classes. Fran Walley and Krista Wilde have been teaching research skills all along in their class, AGRC 111: Sustainable plant and soil management for several years now. They incorporated the FYRE project into their course very easily. Colin Laroque is teaching EVSC 110 (Renewable resources and the environment) for the first time this year. He bravely agreed incorporate the FYRE project into his class.

Of course, I am part of FYRE as the primary instructor of ANBI 110: Introduction to domestic animal biology. It’s only the second year I have taught it so I don’t have much to compare this year to. However, I have been amazed at how well the FYRE activities have worked out thus far. The students seem engaged and have improved their writing and numeracy skills greatly. We still have our big poster event on Dec 3. That should tell us how successful we have been. I know we have started something new and valuable. At the very least, a foundation we can build on.

The most exciting thing was a discussion at the end of the meeting about SOTL—the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning. I have heard the term but have not really paid any attention. It sounds like something we need to bring to the assessment of the FYRE program. Yet another thing to learn…how exciting.

Any students reading this, I would love any comments you have on your experience thus far.