Leave a message for students during December Final Exams

Starting Friday, Dec. 8, U of S students will be hard at work in preparation for their final exams. Do you have some advice, study tips, personal experience from your college, an inspirational quote or words of encouragement? Leave a message for students who are in the exam crunch. Messages will be posted and displayed for students in Murray Library throughout December Final Exams.

7 thoughts on “Leave a message for students during December Final Exams

  1. Get as much daylight on your face as possible and make sure to see your college’s advisor for accurate program requirements. It’s amazing how much weight is lifted when you are confident about knowing how to balance what classes you need with your subject interests.

  2. Don’t sweat it. Unless you’re going into academia 5 years later no one will care what your marks were, 10 years later *you* won’t care and in 20 years you won’t even remember what courses you took or what you learned… Good luck!

  3. Breathe deep, eat some healthy foods, drink water, the stress will soon be over and you will have a well deserved break.
    You will be okay!

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