Alumni Highlights: Kara Nadeau

For this month’s alumni highlight as part of the Alumni Association centennial, we’re profiling College of Agriculture and Bioresources graduate Kara Nadeau (BSA’11). Nadeau is the head of sales and marketing for her family’s seed business, Nadeau Seeds.


Tell us about the campus when you went to the U of S; how is it different today?

The campus is beautiful. My favourite time of the year was in the fall with all the beautiful tree colours. The agriculture building is such a fantastic building with huge windows letting in lots of natural light. U of S did an excellent job of incorporating nature, trees and flowerbeds into their campus. Today, it seems like the campus has grown and the student facilities have improved.

What’s one of your favourite memories you had outside of the classroom?

The Agriculture Student Association, which I was the Academic Vice-President (2008-2009), organized amazing events where a person would make new friends and have fun with old ones. I have many great memories with friends in residence, the College of Agriculture and Bioresources and some of the other colleges as well. U of S was such a welcoming university and the professors were also very welcoming and approachable. There was a feeling that the professors genuinely cared for you, to help prepare you for a very promising future. As well, coming from Manitoba, the people in Saskatchewan were so warm and friendly. I immediately felt like at home.

Overall, how was your U of S experience?

I absolutely loved U of S! The campus was beautiful, the people were friendly and I felt like it was a place that allowed me to thrive. The courses, especially in the College of Agriculture and Bioresources were great and diverse. I have a big place in my heart for the U of S as those four years were unforgettable.

How did going to the U of S shape your career?

It shaped my career by having great courses, fantastic mentors, encouragement and an uplifting and hopeful energy in the college, which led me to be confident in the agriculture industry. I found strength in all of this and more. Through my experiences and courses, it developed me both personally and professionally. It was a safe environment where I could learn new things and be independent.

What did you wish you would have known on your first day at the U of S?

To tell you the truth, I only have great memories of my first day at the U of S. I had been so excited leading up to that moment so I was ready for any and all experiences. The Student Orientation was a very special memory of mine on my first day at the U of S that I will never forget. You could feel the energy that the students had knowing that this university would shape their future

Check in for monthly Q&As with alumni from all the U of S colleges, as we sit down to talk about their life after the U of S and how being on this campus shaped their careers. In case you missed any previous features, you can read them here.

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