Alumni Highlights: Marshall Toner

For this month’s alumni highlight, we’re profiling one of our accomplished Huskie alumnus, Marshall Toner (BE’86). A jack of all trades, Toner played Huskie football, hockey and track all while studying civil engineering in the late ‘80s. He went on to play with the Calgary Stampeders from 1986-1991. Today, Toner is the executive vice president of JLL in Calgary.


What are some of your fondest memories of being a student-athlete?

Waking up on game day knowing I would have something else besides studying to focus on.

What did the student-athlete experience at the U of S teach you that apply to both your professional and personal life?

Juggling engineering and athletics taught me to be very responsible with time management and to prioritize on what really needed to be done. It also taught me that we can all be pushed beyond our comfort zone on what we think we can accomplish.

What do you remember most about playing at the rustic Rutherford Rink?

I remember the renovation to the rink and what an improvement it was which tells you just how bad it was prior to.

What does the athletic program bring to students on campus?

It brings a sense of belonging and pride that is bigger than just attending classes to get a degree. I still have a keen interest on how the athletic teams are preforming 30 years later.

How did going to the U of S shape your career?

It helped shape me as a person but more importantly gave me the foundation and the confidence to pursue my dreams and goals in life.

Check in for monthly Q&As with alumni from all the U of S colleges, as we sit down to talk about their life after the U of S and how being on this campus shaped their careers. In case you missed any previous features, you can read them here.

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