Nominate someone today for the USSU Engaged Young Alumni Award!

How to spot a good candidate for the USSU Engaged Young Alumni Award:

  • They have a degree from the U of S.


  • They proudly wear U of S-branded clothing – everyday.

USask gear

  • They attend – heck, they even organize – university or college events.
  • When they describe their community or professional work, you find it interesting.
David Stobbe / Stobbe Photography

David Stobbe / Stobbe Photography

  • People describe them as a “go-getter”, a “whipper-snapper” or an “up-and-comer”.
  • They have never known a world without the Internet*.

If you have someone in mind, nominate them before February 5, 2016! 

It’s easy:

1) Tell us who you’re nominating with this online form,

2) Brag about their early achievements and success in their career,

3) Outline how they are serving their local community or changing the world,

4) Share how the nominee stays connected to the U of S, and then

5) Find a few others to support the nomination.

Click here for more details.

The winner will be honoured at the USSU Experience in Excellence Awards April 3, 2016.

*The word was first used in 1981, which means they are 35 years old or younger.

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