Senate election 2012 results

The Senate Election 2012 results are in and are as follows:
District elections:
District 1 – Theresa Girardin, Weyburn, SK
District 5 – Russ McPherson, Outlook, SK
District 6 – Adelle Marie Kopp-McKay, Yorkton, SK
District 10 – Janice Jonsson, Pelican Narrows, SK
District 12 (no nominations were received)
District 13 – Jim Pulfer, Saskatoon, SK
District 14 (no nominations were received)
Elected Members at Large
Doreen Docken, Beauval, SK
Stefania Fortugno, Saskatoon, SK
Deborah Mihalicz, Beauval, SK
Karen Rooney, Saskatoon, SK
Lenore Swystun, Saskatoon, SK
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