Submissions for Chancellor Being Accepted

Submissions for candidates for the position of University of Saskatchewan Chancellor are now being accepted. The Chancellor presides over Convocation, confers degrees, chairs the University Senate, and is a member of the Board of Governors. Chancellor Vera Pezer’s first three-year term expires on June 30, 2010. She is eligible to stand for re-appointment for a second term.
University Senate is responsible for the appointment of the Chancellor and invites the submission of candidates who have been members of convocation for at least 10 years for nomination as Chancellor. Members of convocation include the Chancellor, members of Senate, and all graduates of the University of Saskatchewan.
The names of candidates for nomination must be proposed in writing, endorsed by seven (7) members of Convocation, and submitted to the secretary. The submission must include the written consent of the person being proposed. Forms for this purpose are available at on the University Secretary’s website. The deadline for receipt of submissions is January 15, 2010.
Please send your completed submission form and a biographical resume of the candidate to:
Lea Pennock, University Secretary and secretary to the
joint nomination committee for Chancellor
University of Saskatchewan
212 – 107 Administration Place
Saskatoon SK S7N 5A2
or Fax: (306) 966-4530