Land-Based Education



Learning from the Land

Hawaii Class Meeting

Voyaguer Canoes

Clearwater Lake site

Getting tepee poles

On the air!

walking the spiral at Emma Lake


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  1. M. Kau'i Keliipio says:

    Aloha Dr. Wilson,
    My name is Kau’i Keliipio. I am Kanaka Maoli and a graduate student (EdD) at Simon Fraser University. I am completing my 5th required course this fall before comprehensive exams. Just recently I was reading comments on another website by Dr. Stan Wilson talking about this program. So I went to this site and was impressed with what is offered in the Master’s Land-based course. I can see how much there is to learn in such an experience. But before I get ahead of myself I would like to know if an SFU student like myself is able to apply for some of the courses offered in this cohort ?
    I look forward to hearing from you.
    Mahalo nui loa,

  2. paula Giroux says:

    Hi Alex, just going through your website and found some pictures to view. Your Mother and Father were my professors in my Master’s program at the U of A in 1999-2000. I saw their pictures here and thought I might say HI. I sure like the work that you are doing for the Indigenous people of Canada and the world. Our environment and everything in it is such an important treasure. Mother Earth needs our help. thank you.

  3. amw887 says:

    Aloha Kau’i. Thanks for your message. I think you have emailed me. but if not, please send me an email


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